myAuctions 1.3

Three, two, one - done! - Download your auctions from eBay™

You like it. You want it. You need it - you missed it! It's someones now, not yours - you missed this important auction. If only someone or something would have reminded you. But what? - Yes! Your PocketPC. And with myAuctions you will always be reminded of important auctions.

Just feed myAuctions with your auctions of different platforms - myAuctions shows all of them neatly including the time remaining in the auction. It shows you the appointment and reminds you using automatic functions of PocketOutlook.

Features of myAuctions include:

  • Download your auctions from eBay™
  • Add as many auctions as you need
  • Automatic insert of appointments
  • As you are used to, the appointment is shown on your "today screen"
  • If desired, automatic reminders will be set
  • Neatly arranged display of all auctions
  • Countdown-Mode: switch it on and see the remaining time fade

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myAuctions 1.3

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